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Keep your candles looking thier finest and burning in optimal conditions with these accessories.

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The perfect lighter for your favourite La Santé candle, in on-trend Buy once and never buy matches or another lighter again. One charge will light 150 candles with no waste or mess. No refill required, just charge like an iPhone.

Powered by a Lithium-ion battery

Micro USB Charging Cord included

2 hour charge time

Dimensions: 25cm x 3cm x 2cm


Practise quality candle care with our wick trimmers, available in either matte black, rose gold or gold metal. Candle wicks should be trimmed to 5mm prior to burning to create an even flame, increase burn time and maintain a longer lasting essential oil scent throw.


Our Candle Care Kits bring three important and functional tools together on a stylish metal tray. Presented boxed, the kits include a bevel-edged wick trimmer for a clean wick cut, a candle snuffer to extinguish lit flames, and a candle dipper to clean vessel edges and straighten wicks before lighting. Available in either matte black, rose gold or gold metal, the Candle Care Kits perfectly complement your wellness candle collection.