La Santé Wellness is redefining luxury candle culture. Inspired by nature and employing only the finest quality pure essential oils in all of our collections, La Santé is the candle of choice for wellness conscious candle lovers. Every candle and atomiser employs a precisely balanced blend of essential oils to stimulate genuine wellbeing and prosperity in body and soul. We aspire to reach deeply into Mother Nature's unique gifts and capture them in the beauty of a lit candle.

Quality over Quantity

Every candle and wellness atomiser is hand poured with meticulous attention to detail. From sourcing the finest quality soy wax and purified water, to ensuring superior production and safety of our reusable vessels, we pride ourselves on the importance of quality over quantity. We celebrate being a small batch company that allows candle lovers the opportunity to customise a collection unique to your wellness desires.


With an awareness for clean living and lifestyle wellbeing, we like to say La Santé creates candles 'with a purpose'. No imitation scents and no artificial fragrances - just pure ingredients that complement your wellness aspirations every time you light. Each of our candles is identified by a unique number, aligning it with its numerological wellness energies.

The Choice is in Your Hands

With many candle choices on offer, it is right to be discerning about the candles we burn and, most importantly, breathe. Why do we pour our candles using only essential oils? Inhaling essential oils means their genuine health wellness benefits are felt almost immediately in the limbic system of the brain, known as our "emotional brain". This system is directly connected to parts of the brain which control emotion, behaviour, heart rate, breathing, memory, stress levels, motivation and hormone balance. And there's no nasty toxins in Mother Nature's goodness. Wellness is our priority which is why pure, natural and a touch of luxury partner in every one of our candles and atomisers.

What they're saying

"From the moment I met Justine I was struck by the passion she expressed for her product. It was clear to me that she was very committed to quality without compromise, and that she felt strongly about candles being used as a tool for wellness, rather than inhaling potential toxins in the home….This is a truly beautiful and unique brand that is created from the heart." - Ginger B Gifts
"La Santé Wellness candles are the only candles we choose to retail in our boutique studio. Knowing there are no artificial fragrances, and that they are all lovingly hand poured, makes them the perfect candle for us. After such positive feedback from our clients, we now burn La Santé candles in our reception area, and during yoga and stretch classes. We cannot recommend La Santé Wellness candles more highly." - Xtend Barre Perth City
"La Santé crafts the most decadent candles. Our exclusive Maven gift featured in the New York Beauty Box." - Maslow & Co
"The candle itself would look stunning on a shelf or in the middle of a table...La Santé Wellness Candle in No3 Elevation smells absolutely divine." - Orchids and Peonies