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Our wellness collections employ only pure essential oils purposefully blended for genuine emotional and physical wellbeing benefits. True to botanical and therapeutic grade, our oils are of the finest quality from harvests around the world.

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This soothing blend infuses a unique mix of essential oils to promote relaxation and the release of emotional stress and irritation. Pure lavender oil assists to reduce anxiety and improve brain function, while the very pleasant addition of geranium oil uplifts your mood and lessens fatigue, releasing you from worry and agitation. For added warmth, we've included cedarwood and frankincense, the latter known to transmit messages to the limbic system of the brain to influence your nervous system. Light this candle as you're preparing for sleep as the perfect way to end your day.


Bring balance and harmony into your life with this beautiful blend of essential oils that promote body and soul equilibrium and the clearing of negative thoughts from your mind. The powerful combination of refreshing lavender, calming geranium and sweet ylang ylang come together to enhance and balance your physical, mental and emotional strength. Soft notes of sandalwood assist to alleviate mental fatigue and create a feeling of relaxation and peace, rounding off this blend to fight against the sluggishness of a long day.


Awaken your mind with this uplifting and energising blend which combines a balance of essential oils to rejuvenate your mind and assist with exhaustion and fatigue. Citrus notes of lemongrass and sweet orange lift your spirits and pacify your mind, while patchouli essential oil helps to ease stress and anxiety. The addition of the refreshing coriander will assist you to find mental clarity after tackling life’s challenges.


This distinctive blend of earthy essential oils will relieve the mind of distractions allowing it to focus on deep emotional connection. Particularly beneficial during times of reflection and meditation, No6 Dévotion includes patchouli essential oil to stimulate blood flow to the brain, while the precious rose essential oil works to relieve anxiety and stress. Australian Sandalwood oil stimulates mental clarity while added touches of ylang ylang and grapefruit essential oils release tension, allowing the mind to connect with deeper thought.


Mental clarity and concentration is something many of us seek for different reasons, whether that be starting every day with focus and purpose, or during times of personal commitment or achievement. Our newest essential oil blend No4 Concentrer employs the crisply herbaceous sweet basil and peppermint essential oils to stimulate and uplift the mind, while the fresh and citrus lemongrass and powerful frankincense essential oils work together to breakdown feelings of anxiety and stress. Soft notes of rosewood bring calm and confidence to the mind and body, with the use of the combined benefits of this fresh wellness blend guiding us to see clearly our goals and approach them with level mindedness and clarity. Available in our Wellness Atomiser and Natural Parfum collections.


A gentle introduction to the world of essential oils and aromatherapy for babies and young children is at the heart of this comforting blend. French lavender encourages calm and a deep sense of relaxation while Roman chamomile relieves tension in the minds of little ones, sometimes not capable of expressing their feelings in times of need. The addition of rose essential oil offers a sense of inner comfort, allowing this gentle blend to soothe and settle young bodies and minds. Available as a 10ml bottle of pure essential oil, in the Wellness Atomiser collection and with our preferred white ceramic Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffuser in a Limited Edition gift collection.